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Renewable energy has changed the face of South Africa (and Africa as a continent) and the energy team has succeeded in positioning Nedbank as the leading South African bank involved in the renewable-energy space. With 23 deals funded, R25 billion committed and 10 awards won in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPP), we are the clear leader in the energy space.
The team's mandate follows a full-sector approach and includes financing to parastatals and corporates within the energy sector through:

- Limited-recourse finance deals within the electricity, oil and gas, as well as biofuels sectors, both internationally and in Africa;
- Financing to parastatals and corporates within this sector;
- Funding various renewable-energy projects, from landfill gas, to solar and wind turbine power – especially with South Africa's electricity supply at stake.

We look forward to working with government and other environmentally minded businesses and financial institutions to ensure that renewable energy remains a key driver of our country's sustainable future.




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