Earth Expo 2016, SA’s First Of Its Kind Sustainable Lifestyle Event

Earth Expo 2016, SA’s First Of Its Kind Sustainable Lifestyle Event

Capital 5 in association with Ripples for Good Foundation Presents Earth Expo 2016!

Earth Expo 2016 is SA’s 1st of its kind Sustainable Lifestyle Event:  A journey for our visitors in a realistic environment to promote responsible consumerism and all we have access to in Making Better Choices.

Earth Expo will run over 4 days to educate, inspire and transform our visitors and participants’ perception of ‘Going Green’ and the subjects, products and services available to make the smallest to biggest change and support our environment that takes care of us. We all live in a built environment and the show will exhibit all elements to Incorporate in daily practices in the home, office, school or just shopping and every element that we as a society live with to give way to a new generation of thinkers. Hosted in the Montecasino outdoor area and surrounding areas.

Earth Expo will run for a minimum of 5 years and expand into other regions including Durban and Cape Town   The Earth Expo 2016 has been designed to take our visitors on a journey through their day in a realistic environment and how we could live more sustainably on a day to day basis.

Earth Expo 2016 is divided into 5 categories:

  1. Food, Beverage & Nutrition
  2. Interior Design & Décor
  3. Fashion & Beauty
  4. Technology
  5. Building

By addressing the core principles of Sustainable Living we encourage community participation and engagement with; industry, service providers and consumers to promote an environmentally, socially and personally responsible thought process to start the momentum for necessary behavioural change. Welcoming decision makers, homemakers, leaders, innovators and change makers.

Interactive education and integration of critical issues of waste, consumerism, energy, lifestyle, thinking and over 120 subjects in a realistic environment to showcase product lifecycles, promote and encourage consumer preference and emotional commitment, positive PR, brand awareness, loyalty and support of those making a substantial difference and impact to climate change.

Join us on our journey for change.

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Breaking borders in our rainbow nation, this Expo is targeted at individuals and professionals from all walks of life, age, vocation and culture. This show is set to give exposure to every aspect of living that needs to change. Affordability and...

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